Detergent SpringTime Complete+ 7.4L 185 loads

SpringTime Complete+ 4in1 liquid detergent delivers unparalleled efficiency. Its high-performance ingredients and concentrated formula, which allows for more loads per litre, make this product an absolute must for your laundry.

  • Cleans deeply, and refreshes your laundry while protecting the fabric and the colours
  • Biodegradable formula and ultra-efficient made up of high-performance ingredients
  • More loads than a regular formulation
  • Proven efficiency in cold water
  • Compact size that reduces packaging material and optimizes transportation, thereby limiting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Phosphate-free
  • Concentrated formula that is ecologically sound, since it requires less water to make it
  • Recyclable container, cap, label and shipping box


Bleach Springtime Gentle Care 3,6L

New concentrated formula

With SPRINGTIME bleach Gentle Care with Fabric Protection Technology

• Helps prevent fibre deterioration
• Offers better whitening power
• Prevents fabric yellowing

Tough on stains, soft on fabrics, SPRINGTIME bleach whitens,
removes stains and deodorizes.

Laundry: White fabrics: Hot, warm or cold water. Use 80 mL of SPRINGTIME
bleach per load. Pour SPRINGTIME bleach into the dispenser OR into wash before
adding laundry OR dilute bleach in equal amount of water and add to the wash water
after agitation starts. Do not pour directly on fabrics. Colourfast fabrics: cotton,
polyester, nylon, acetate, linen, rayon and permanent press: lukewarm or cold water.
Use 80 mL of SPRINGTIME bleach per load.
Note: Many fabrics that carry the “Do not bleach” labels are bleach safe.
Test the colour stability by applying one drop of diluted bleach on hidden part
of the article. Do not bleach silk, wool, mohair, leather and spandex.

Household use: To clean and remove stains from tiles, waste baskets, cutting
boards, counters, baby items, cat litter boxes, use 80 mL of SPRINGTIME bleach
per 3.8 L of water. Let stand 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. All surfaces
that come into contact with food are to be rinsed with potable water. Do not use on
aluminum and silver.
Toilet bowls: Flush toilet. Pour 80 mL of SPRINGTIME bleach into bowl. Brush
entire bowl including rim, with a scrub brush. Let stand 10 minutes then flush again.